Runaways (new title for Relative Desire)


One weekend can change everything. This contemporary fast-paced and time-twisting, romantic thriller set in the UK’s provincial underbelly sees Jean, nineteen and pregnant, confront death, love and a dangerous family she never knew she had.

She is pitched against her uncle, Leon, in a fight for the life and soul of Magpie, her half-brother.

One hot summer’s night Jean abandons her going nowhere life, but quickly finds herself in the no-where to go world of her half-brother, Magpie; – Leon’s world of violence and desperation which, thanks to Magpie, is falling apart.

Escaping a murder Magpie is forced to take Jean with him, as he flees their uncle Leon. On the road Jean and Magpie discover each other, only to fall into a trap set by Leon, with the collusion of their mother, Paula. In a final shoot out Jean tries to save Magpie and Paula, but Leon has other plans.


Director: Michael B Clifford
Producer: Phil Parker
Screenplay: Joanne Lee
Cast: Imogen Poots, Emily Watson, John Hannah, Harry Treadaway
Status: In development

Director’s Statement

Two time BAFTA winning director Michael Baig Clifford: ‘Relative Desire is full of action, sexual tension and cinematic vision but I want to hear a pin drop when Jean and Magpie are alone with just a wrecked car and a dead body between them.”