A psychological thriller in which schizophrenic, ex-terrorist, DERRY, slowly unravels as he seeks to make amends and unwittingly unlocks a fatal race to the last hidden cache of a desperate terror cell.

In a desolate tower block, Derry is haunted by ANGELINE, a ten year-old victim of his last bomb. The drugs which have kept her at bay have run out, and he decides he needs to find Angeline’s mother JEAN, to make it right. A chase is on. CAHILL BURN, the man who recruited Derry to terror discovers that Derry has already destroyed several arms caches.

This fast paced narrative follows Derry’s search for Jean, Burn’s search for Derry, and the attempt of two mismatched counter-terrorism officers MIRE and ASIF to catch up with all of them before it is too late. All of them, in search of hidden truths and the arms, find themselves on isolated, beautiful, Holy Island. Here Derry confesses his true identity to Jean, and finally faces the man who seduced him to terror. Only some people will survive this encounter, but who, and what state will they be in?


Director: Tom Roberts
Producer: Phil Parker
Screenplay: Chris Rickaby
Cast: Liam McMahon, Liam Cunningham
Status: in development.

Director’s Statement

Innocent takes a sharp and penetrating look at the aftermath of terror, and reveals vulnerability in everyone. Derry is our window into dark places, and yet he provides hope in the face of desperate odds. Emotional explosions can be as powerful as any bomb.