Over the course of forty-eight hours six lives change forever in this magical reflection on the need for and the cost of love. ROSE, a retired illusionist’s assistant, loses her husband and starts to reflect on what her love for him was really worth. A reflection shattered by the callous stealing of a precious photograph by passing thieves. An action which ultimately ties all these characters and the love life of two police officers, into a complex web of coincidence, and love re-asserted.

Set in the blue-skied summer of a Northern, rural village and market town, this multi-stranded romance sees the elderly Rose ultimately trap the villain of the piece, NAVY SUIT, in the world of her youth-a world currently hidden in an old container on her allotment. A world which is wonderful and threatening to DAVINA, Navy Suit’s young assistant thief. A world never revealed to the two police officers Rose turns to for help, and who have their own tangled tale of unrequited love as Sergeant ANDY is about to move away and SHEILA has one last chance to attract his attention.


Director: TBC
Producer:Phil Parker
Screenplay: May Rennoldson Dodds
Cast: TBC
Status: Development

The Writer’s Vision

I generally begin an idea in short story form and later decide the genre which best tells the heart of the story. Such was the case with Finale, written under a different title and with protagonist Rose, the victim of doorstep crime, being underestimated by a couple of thieves who saw her as an elderly, female, easy target, little realising her hidden talents and ability to beat them at their own game.

Written for my own pleasure and satisfaction, I slipped the story in a drawer- where it could still have been-but for my M.A. in Creative Writing course. ‘There are tears here,’ the lecturer remarked.

I later decided to write it as a screenplay, and submitted it to the NFM Screenwriting Mentoring Scheme, where I developed what had been a personal drama into a dramatic romance, which features the stories of three couples, whose different lifestyles and age ranges provide for a wide audience. I have received such encouraging comments from industry professionals who have read it: ‘A beautiful script.’ ‘Funny.’ ‘A great deal we enjoyed about your ideas.’ ‘Original, engaging and entertaining.’ ‘Well-crafted, well written, original material.’ ‘Hugely enjoyable.’ ‘Refreshing to see such substantial female characters.’