A dark, brooding, dangerous, weekend sees LENA, a young guilt-ridden diver, come to terms with her dead mother’s past, and confront the murderous potential of the inhabitants of Weaping Isle.

LENA arrives on the misty, isolated, Weaping Isle, searching for her estranged mother, only to discover she has recently died. Then her mother’s body disappears. Lean sets out to find out why, at any cost, and uncovers her own origins, and the murder, which accompanied it. Weaping Isle, is a community who rejected urban ‘decay’ thirty years ago, and wrapped in pre-medieval myths, seeks to preserve a way of life few have ever experienced. Lena is the last in the line of the Firsks, the leaders of this community, and it soon becomes clear the Firsks want her to stay on Weaping Isle. Stay and become part of the family, but on their terms. Terms that involve covering up the murder, and adopting their myths and customs. In a dawn climax, as the tide swirls in, Lena confronts the Firsks, and her own past, in a duel, where Lena’s fate, and the future of Weaping Isle will be finally decided.


Director: Julius Kemp
Screenplay: Patricia Lalla
Cast: Alice Krige
Status: In development

Director’s Statement

The most interesting thing is the story of this girl. This girl who turns out to be far more than she ever imagined she was, who is on a search for identity. That for me is the most compelling part, the most human part. My first impression of the visual look of the film over all is static and classical.

My first impression for the city scenes is handheld feeling. Maybe kind of a documentary style mixing with feature style handheld feeling on it. Like Bourne Ultimatum or Children of Men camera operation.

For the middle part I’m thinking that shots are well set up but still there is a lot of detail and feeling of surprise and spontaneity. Images came up to my mind from; Breaking the waves, The Orphanage even Perfect Storm.

The location of the island I have always visualised in a dark colors – dark houses – very dark feeling in a beautiful landscape. Black, blue, dark gray, dark green.

More steady shots and some beautiful landscapes will take over when the island is reached. Maybe quite realistic when it is daytime.

The island part of Bait makes it very challenging and interesting photographically because of the strange atmosphere on the island. Some Sleepy Hollow or Silent Hill kind of feeling.