Almost Jamaica


Daniel’s heart has been freeze-framed since his wife died, leaving him in his twenties with two young kids. He goes back to school as a born-again teenager from Jamaica to discover the causes of his son’s delinquent behaviour; but meeting the gorgeous Miss Allen and the kids from 12C gives him a surprise second chance in love.


Director: TBC
Producer: TBC
Screenplay: Linda Dawe
Cast: TBC
Status: Pre Production TBC

Writer’s Statement

This romantic comedy of disguise, role reversal and culture clash – teen world vs adult – will appeal to family audiences who enjoyed comedies such as Mrs Doubtfire, Freaky Friday, Big, 13 Going on 30, or Bend it Like Beckham. Whilst its contemporary ethnic urban British setting and educational issues give it a more powerful resonance, the essential romantic elements deliver a classic story – love will find you when you least expect it.

Almost Jamaica