Runaways (new title for Relative Desire)


This contemporary fast-paced and time-twisting, thriller sets Jean, nineteen and pregnant, on the road to find her estranged mother, Paula. A compelling journey that starts with death and destruction and takes Jean from an Army barracks via a Midsummer Solstice Festival to an isolated farm house for the final confrontation with her newly found family.

One hot summer’s night Jean abandons her going nowhere life, but quickly finds herself in the no-where to go world of her half-brother, Magpie; Leon’s world of violence and desperation which, thanks to Magpie, is falling apart.

In the middle of the night, Magpie, forced to take Jean with him, flees with their uncle Leon, on his tail. On the road Jean and Magpie discover each other, but eventually, they fall into a trap set by Leon, with the collusion of their mother, Paula. In a final shoot out Jean has to face the reality of the mother who abandoned her, the half-brother she has come to cherish, and the uncle who has done everything for the undying love of his sister, Paula.


Director: Michael Baig-Clifford
Producer: Paula McBreen
Screenplay: Joanne Lee
Cast: Imogen Poots, Harry Treadaway, Karl Markovics
Status: Shooting October 2010

Director’s Statement

Two time BAFTA winning director Michael Baig Clifford: ‘Relative Desire is full of action, sexual tension and cinematic vision but I want to hear a pin drop when Jean and Magpie are alone with just a wrecked car and a dead body between them.