The First Bcre8ive Lab, an accelerator for new original content teams, ran from Sept 7th to November 30th 2015. The second commenced on in June and the third focused on Children’s Media Content ended in 2017.

The BCre8ive website brings creatives together with professional mentors and production companies to creating new works for audiences across all digital platforms.  BCre8ive.eu is a development platform offering creatives from writers and illustrators to film makers and games designers three ways in which to work together, develop new ideas, and potentially sell their creations.  This site won a UK national competition run by the Technology Strategy Board.

Partners have  included Warp Films, Egmont Books, Factory, SelfMade Hero and Mudalrk. The Children’s Media Content lab is being supported by the Children’s Media Conference and includes partners Technicolor Production, Collingwood & Co, Drubit, and Libra TV.

It was part of the governments’ Growth Accelerator programme, and supported by Creative Skillset’s Virtual Board in 2014. In 2015 it teamed up with C4Talent to promote new opportunities to talent in the UK.

Settle Stories launched an interactive story competition ‘A Place Like Settle’in the first BCre8ive Lab with a production prize of £8,000.

BCre8ive Mashup – an online collaborative space

The initial entry point into the BCre8ive universe. The MashUP provides creatives the opportunity with like minded collaborators to generate new artistic teams capable of reaching audiences in different digital mediums from immersive games to webisodes, graphic novels, television, and mobile downloads.

BCre8ive Workshop

The Bcre8ive Workshop is where teams prepare projects for selection into the BCre8ive Labs.  Here work in mentored in an intensive project development programme.  The teams formed in the workshop produce concepts for dramatic worlds using elements contributed by team members. These dramatic worlds form the basis for proposals, which are taken into the BCre8ive Labs.

BCre8ive Labs

These incubator Labs are the link between the creative process, finance, production and offline, as well as online, audiences. They are the hub where creatives and publishers collaborate in a dynamic development and production environment. In this stage of BCre8ive, experienced realisers e.g. games developers, writers, illustrators, animators,visual artists etc. are teamed with the concept creators to produce a range of proposals. These proposals are then produced with publishers for exploitation via licensing and joint venture deals for distribution across appropriate platforms.

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